HOUSTON (July 17, 2019) – For the past 20 years the Rev. Gregory Han, director of Interfaith Relations and Education at Interfaith Ministries for Greater Houston, has built a career at the intersection of religion, education, culture and dialogue. This fall he will share his insights in a new course at The Women’s Institute of Houston, “The World’s Next Door: Religions in Houston.”

The course will explore four religions in Houston by introducing each from an academic point of view, looking at key terms, concepts, and beliefs. Participants will then learn how these religions manifest themselves as vital communities in Houston, exploring practices, communities, and our future as a city of many faiths. The final class will be a site visit to a house of worship, making the connection between classroom learning and lived community.

“I love to teach, which for me is about creating a classroom where we can engage with each other about important questions,” says Han. “I have been a student of religion for 25 years, and my pastoral background means I have experience with the “lived” aspect of religious life as well. The class will be lively, fun, and engaging!”

“The World’s Next Door: Religions in Houston” will be offered Tuesdays, September 10 through October 8, from 10 a.m. to noon at The Women’s Institute of Houston, 2202 Avalon Place, Houston, TX 77019. Registration is available at www.wih.org.

The Rev. Gregory Han holds degrees from Georgetown University and Harvard Divinity School, and has also worked as a hospital chaplain, pastored Presbyterian congregations, and served on the faculty of St. John’s School in Houston.

“Fear and ignorance go hand in hand, and helping people understand other people is very important,” says Han. “In this day and age, interreligious engagement is no longer a luxury. Learning to dialogue and communicate is no longer a soft skill. These are necessities in an ever-changing world.”

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