Who we are:

IMpulse is a group of young leaders and professionals dedicated to embracing diversity, promoting understanding and building respect through education, outreach, service and the connections we make.

What we do:

Through IMpulse, Interfaith Ministries connects with a new generation of leaders to strengthen the spirit of service and community action in Greater Houston.

We are committed to:

  • Engaging young leaders and professionals in the mission of Interfaith Ministries.
  • Connecting young leaders and professionals with each other as well as key leaders in the community.
  • Educating young leaders and professionals on key issues.
  • Mobilizing young leaders and professionals by providing them with tools to be advocates for feeding the hungry and welcoming the stranger, and promoting understanding and respect.

The IMpulse Academy is the stepping stone towards participation in one of the 13 leadership boards or steering committees within Interfaith Ministries for Greater Houston. Academy members must actively participate in at least nine of the monthly meetings and at least two service activities for graduation on to the IMpulse Advisory Council.

As a member of the IMpulse Academy you will have:

  • Increased knowledge of each of the areas of Interfaith Ministries.
  • The opportunity to graduate to the IMpulse Advisory Council and play an active role in department and agency planning and programming through one of the 13 boards or committees.
  • Unique social opportunities to participate in religious festivals & holiday celebrations, attend private group tours of houses of worship and have fun cultural experiences through fun culinary explorations with other members (all pending agency COVID restrictions).
  • Working knowledge of the Volunteer Houston Service Portal for participation in service opportunities across Houston.

The Advisory Council is where you graduate to after participating as a member of the Leadership Academy for one year. You will be placed in one of the 12 different committees in Interfaith Ministries. Those that graduate into the Advisory Council are young professionals that desire to be a part of the decision making and agency goals of Interfaith Ministries.

Interfaith Ministries wants to hear younger voices in the decision-making rooms. Our organization desires to hear those opinions and to get constructive feedback.

The committees you may be placed into upon graduation include:

  1. Development Committee
  2. Finance Committee
  3.  Public Affairs Committee
  4. Meals on Wheels General Committee
  5. Meals on Wheels Healthy Aging Committee
  6. Meals on Wheels Animeals Committee
  7. Refugee Services Committee
  8. Volunteer Houston Advisory Committee
  9. IMpulse Leadership Academy
  10. IMpower Steering Committee
  11. Multi-Faith Council
  12. Dialogue Project Committee

Leadership Academy Meetings are the Third Tuesday of every month from 6:00pm-7:30pm

  • The purpose of our monthly meetings are for you to learn about all the different programs and services of Interfaith Ministries for Greater Houston and to gain a small overview of the diverse religious and cultural landscape of Greater Houston.
  • To advance to the Advisory Council, Leadership Academy Candidates cannot miss more than two regular monthly meetings during the year. *If you have to miss, we can arrange for you to talk with the IM presenter that you missed so you do not miss out on learning about that area of IM.

The Typical Monthly Meeting Agenda Includes:

  • Short ice breakers
  • IM department presentation
  • Q&A
  • Faith Facts.. Religious festivals or holidays for the current month
  • Current event conversation topics
  • Business items

The next opportunity to apply for the IMpulse Leadership Academy is November of 2022, for placement targeted in January 2022.

For more information about any of our programs and events, or to apply, please contact Kim Mabry at kmabry@imgh.org