Care on Command

Care on Command benefits homebound seniors aged 60 and over, adults with disabilities, and veterans who have difficulty performing one or more activities of daily living. The program delivers content tailored to meet the specific care needs of each client through a video and voice-assisted AI companion device and allow them to connect with others outside the home including caregivers, family, social groups, and friends.

The program builds upon research and lessons learned through a 3-year pilot project using Amazon Echo Show 8 with Alexa funded by the federal Administration for Community Living. The project was a feasibility study involving 2 cohorts totaling 110 clients in the Greater Houston Area. Results showed enthusiastic technology acceptance by participating seniors and proved the implementation of technology for the homebound senior community is feasible and warrants expansion.

The static platform used in the pilot phase is now evolving into a dynamic one that allows for proactive engagement with the user and regularly updated content. Content will address physical wellness such as exercise/movement recommendations, pain management, medication reminders, falls reduction information, spiritual engagement with their congregations of choice, and more. It will address mental wellness through games and other interactive media to improve cognitive function and mental acuity. Not only will the device push tailored content to meet the specific needs of participants, but it will also allow them to respond and connect with others outside the home. It provides an easy connection to caregivers, family, social groups, and friends – opportunities for social interaction, spiritual wellness, and life balance.

Menu with selected choices for supporting:

  • Mental well-being
  • Physical well-being
  • Spiritual well-being
  • Caregiver well-being
  • Touch and Voice Control
  • Camera Privacy Shutter and Muting
  • Set up to maintain participant privacy and HIPAA regulations
    • Participant identity anonymous
    • Connection to the Internet secure
    • Does not allow service providers to save any personal identifying information
    • Seniors not allowed to use the system for activities that might put them at risk or at any expense
    • No one outside the system (approved list) can contact the senior through the device
    • Voice and Video Communications – Connect with seniors via Alexa’s voice and video calling services & seniors can connect with caregivers, family & friends
    • Daily Routine Support – Generate automated reminders and notifications to support daily routines across the screen
    • Usage Analytics – Gather insights on the activities and well-being of participants with usage analytics and reporting to see what activities seniors prefer.
    • Centralized Administration – Central administration portal with individual access to key community administrators, can send a private message to any screen or any group of screens.
  • Focused content to improve Social Determinants of Health – social/community access, healthcare access, educational opportunities, safe exercise, trusted health and wellness content.
  • Care Coordination – Coordinate care activities with caregivers and support teams.
  • Surveys – Create surveys and easily distribute to participants and learn about senior needs.
  • Curated Content Management – Select curated content focused on the topics that matter most to participants – art, music, literature, films, health awareness.
  • Community Integration – Bring community together with faith services, hobbies, entertainment, social groups and other social services, connectable to 2-1-1.
  • Integrate to other 3rd party systems to expand service.

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