General Contact Information

Interfaith Ministries for Greater Houston
3303 Main St. Houston, TX 77002
General Phone: 713-533-4900 | Fax: 713-520-4663

Quick Contacts for Meals on Wheels

To enroll in Meals on Wheels: 713-533-4978
Questions about your Meals on Wheels service: 713-533-4937
General Meals on Wheels questions: 713-533-4954

Quick Contacts for Refugee Services

To hire a refugee or learn about employment services: 713-533-3106
To donate furniture or household items: 713-533-4933

Parking Information

Covered Visitor Parking: Available in ground level parking garage. The entrance is on Francis Street between Main Street and Fannin Street.

Additional Parking: Open lots available on Francis Street and Stuart Street.

Martin Cominsky – President & CEO
Phone: 713-533-4901
Cell: 713-705-4829

Ali Al Sudani – Chief Programs Officer
Phone: 713-533-4940
Cell: 832-232-1459

Bonnie Weisman – Vice President of Human Resources
Phone: 713-533-4967

Clarissa Rackley – Human Resources Generalist
Phone: 713-533-4906

Cheryl Hodge – Human Resources Coordinator
Phone: 713-533-4966

Lauren Lewis – Volunteer Services Manager
Phone: 713-533-4948

Maria Magee – Chief Development Officer
Phone: 713-533-4924

Maria Carrillo – Department Administrator

Sucre Woodley – Director of Marketing & Communications
Phone: 713-533-4973
Cell: 713-444-0432

Sam Hashemi – Multimedia Services Manager
Phone: 713-533-4958

Jodi Bernstein – Vice President for Interfaith Relations and Community Partnerships
phone: 713-533-4969

The Rev. Gregory Han –  Director of Interfaith Relations and Education
Phone: 713-533-4904

Rev. Kim Mabry – Program Manager
Phone: 346-235-7533

Gevetta Phillips – Department Administrator
Phone: 713-533-4926

Brooke Parkinson – Director, Volunteer Houston
Phone: 713-533-3112

Gayla Wilson- Program Manager, Volunteer Houston
Phone: 713-533-4909

Geleta Mekonnen – Assistant Director for Client Services & Outreach
Phone: 713-533-4953

Agustin Socorro-Fu – RCA & MG Coordinator (Household Donations)
Phone: 713-533-4933

Ahmed Mushref – Refugee Services Program Manager
Phone: 713-533-4991

Chloe Krane – Women’s Empowerment Liaison
Phone: 713-533-3116

Elena Korbut – Community Engagement Manager
Phone: 713-533-4998

Elizabeth Meza – Employment  Coordinator
Phone: 713-533-3106

Shalom Ogbonda – Director of Program Administration

Phone:  713-533-4919

Leslie Kian – Director of Healthcare Innovation

Phone:  713-533-4910

Matthew Wright – Director of Program Operations
Phone: 713-533-4992

Jason Salas – Manager of Operations
Phone: 713-533-3111

For Accounts Payable Please Contact: 

Karen Reichert – Senior Accountant
Phone: 713-533-4911