Vital Conversations with Our Community Summer Series: 2021

The Dialogue Project: Vital Conversations with Our Community kicks off the 2021 summer series on July 14 with LINK Houston about an equitable transportation network so that all people can reach opportunity. Founded in 2017, LINK Houston believes that transportation– how we get where we need to go – should not be a barrier to accessing jobs, education, healthcare, shopping, or anything else we need in our lives. Join this conversation with Jonathan Brooks and Ashley Johnson from LINK to learn more about how a robust and equitable transportation network can help all people reach opportunity.

The summer series continues with a conversation with The Ensemble Theater on August 10 about their work preserving African American artistic expression for the whole community. Join us for our vital conversation with Eileen Morris and Rachel Hill Dickson from the Ensemble Theater as we discuss the role the arts play in social change and shaping our community.

Project Curate closes the summer series on September 13 with a discussion on the intersectional issues relating to racial injustice and inequality. Members of Project Curate were part of the first series in Summer 2020 after the death of George Floyd, and they will join us again to reflect on the past year of social unrest and calls for justice. We welcome Co-Managing Directors Brandi Holmes and Rachel Schneider as our guests.

Thank you to CITGO Petroleum Corporation for supporting The Dialogue Project: Vital Conversations with Our Community.

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Vital Conversations 2020

The Vital Conversations with Our Community series brings people together for important conversations about topics affecting our community. Interfaith Relations & Community Partnerships hosted an inaugural conversation during summer 2020, featuring a dialogue with the “Three Amigos”, Archbishop Joseph A. Fiorenza, Rev. William A. Lawson, and the late Rabbi Samuel E. Karff. This conversation, aired on Juneteenth and in the wake of the death of George Floyd, was in response to Mr. Floyd’s death and was also a moving summary of the work of these three men, the friendship that has supported them, and the vision that has inspired them. All of our Vital Conversations episodes have been inspired by this initial conversation about civil rights, racial injustices and the struggle for a just society.

After a summer dialogue with leaders from Project Curate on the importance of allyship, our fall series included a dialogue with four young leaders on how young people can and are reinventing social change. The second episode was a conversation with the Fifth Ward’s Community Redevelopment Corporation on transformative community work. Finally, the December dialogue was with Rice University’s Houston Education Research Consortium, focusing upon educational equity.

We offer thanks to our fall series sponsor, Bridgeway Capital Management, and our Conversation Sponsor for the December Vital Conversation, CITGO Petroleum.

Vital Conversations Study Guide 

Interfaith Ministries has developed a study guide so that you can use these five videos, each about an hour-long, as resources for dialogue in your community. We at Interfaith Ministries hope that these study guides will make these videos useful far beyond their original recording. We think that these guides could be of interest for:
• faith community study groups
• middle school and high school students
• corporate employee resource groups
• non-profits seeking continuing education opportunities
• anyone looking to think more critically about the needs of the Greater Houston community.

You can download the study guide, submit an online feedback form describing how you used this study guide in your community, use the

links to the five previous 2020 Vital Conversations and donate below!

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