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The Gershenson Lecture Series was established to honor Elliot Gershenson, President and CEO Emeritus of Interfaith Ministries for Greater Houston. Its purpose is to sponsor an annual event to bring people together of diverse faiths on diverse topics, including religion, ethics, and peace. These events have, at their core, the mission to provide education, inspiration, and a platform for understanding.

The Inaugural Gershenson Lecture, “Many Faiths, One Humanity: United for the Common Good”, took place on April 25, 2018 at St. Philip Presbyterian Church. It featured Imam Yayha Hendi, Chaplain at Georgetown University and first Muslim chaplain at a public American university.

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iLead cultivates confident, respectful, and engaged youth who embrace their own faith traditions and embody effective multicultural leadership skills in their lives. We strive to influence, impact, and empower youth to become leaders in their community.

We currently host a variety of opportunities for Houston’s youth to engage with interfaith collaboration, dialogue, and service, such as our annual MLK Jr. Youth Day of Service.

Embracing Diversity and Inspiring Service Among Houston’s Young Leaders and Professionals

IMpulse is a group of young leaders and professionals dedicated to embracing diversity, promoting understanding and building respect through education, outreach, service, and the connections we make.

Through IMpulse, Interfaith Ministries connects with a new generation of leaders to strengthen the spirit of service and community action in Greater Houston. We are committed to:

Engaging young leaders and professionals in the mission of Interfaith Ministries.

Connecting young leaders and professionals with each other as well as key leaders in the community.

Educating young leaders and professionals on key issues.

Mobilizing young leaders and professionals by providing them the tools to be advocates for feeding the hungry, welcoming the stranger, and promoting understanding and respect.

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Members of IMpulse will receive the following benefits:

  • Opportunities to interact closely with their peers, Interfaith Ministries Board members, Advisory Board members, and religious, community, and business leaders.
  • Opportunities to take on unique leadership roles within IM.
  • Early access to volunteer opportunities.
  • Invitations to Interfaith Ministries events and programs.
  • Discounted rates for ticketed events.
  • Opportunity to attend a Common Grounds session with IM’s President and CEO Martin Cominsky.

The annual membership rate for IMpulse members is $50 per individual and $90 for couples.

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The Dialogue Project provides opportunities to learn about Houston’s diverse faith communities, share your own faith experiences, and listen to the experiences of others. Through the Dialogue Project, IM aims to inspire participants to further interfaith dialogue, collaboration, and service in their own communities. Interreligious understanding is a necessity, more so now than ever before.

Within the Dialogue Project, we have two main programs: Dinner Dialogues and Faith in Our City (see below). Throughout the year, there will also be additional opportunities to engage in interfaith dialogue including panel discussions, service projects, and more.

Dinner Dialogues

A Dinner Dialogue is an evening held in a private home, a house of worship, or at IM, where a diverse group of 8-12 people from the Greater Houston area, all from a variety of religious traditions and backgrounds, come together to learn about one another’s faith traditions and share a meal.

The purpose of Dinner Dialogues is to provide a meaningful experience for participants to learn about one another’s faith traditions in an environment full of respect and understanding. It is an opportunity to celebrate our similarities and our differences at a time and in a space that is one of life’s most important gatherings: dinner.

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Faith in Our City

Houston is the most diverse urban region in the country. As a result, we have a wealth of religious diversity. Of the over 6,000,000 people in the Greater Houston metro area, 80 percent identify as actively religious [1]. The way we worship, when we worship and where we worship differs.

Come and discover the diversity of Houston through Faith in Our City, a program that increases awareness of the variety of faith traditions we have in our community. Each month, a different faith tradition will be spotlighted. During that month there will be two separate opportunities to learn about and engage with that faith: an in-depth tour of a house of worship and an educational discussion over lunch.

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