Interfaith Ministries for Greater Houston, like many of our faith partners across the city and beyond are working hard to understand what worship, ritual and community look like in a world of social distancing.  We are working with our community partners to get important information to faith communities and faith leaders of Houston during these uncertain times Below, please find recordings of weekly meetings we are hosting with medical leaders and community experts as well as websites for up-to-date information.  

Together, The Strength of Shared Beliefs will make us a stronger community as we face our challenges together.   



Past Resources: 

“Care in a Time of Anxiety: Good Practices for Faith Leaders” featuring Dr. Elizabeth McIngvale, Ph.D. 

Click here for Audio and Chat transcripts 


Thursdays from 10 am – 11 am

In collaboration with the Greater Houston Partnership, we offer a weekly phone call with civic and healthcare leaders for timely and accurate information on COVID-19 and how it affects our community.

For more info, contact The Rev. Greg Han

Feedback from faith leaders:

“Thank you so much for the helpful information and having civic and healthcare professionals along with our brothers and sisters from the faith community. I feel better prepared to meet the needs of our church and community due to the updates I’ve received every Thursday.”

“Appreciate the calls and the information given in one location. It has been helpful for us to see what other faith communities are doing at this time.”

“Thank you for bringing together the county officials and the medical experts so we are informed and better able to make wise decisions.”

“Thank all of you for making this avenue available for faith and civic leaders to enhance our knowledge about what concerns our communities.”


Interfaith Ministries for Greater Houston will be here to support the needs of our faith communities and their leadersIf there are additional resources, websites, or contacts you would like for us to include, please contact, Kim Mabry at 

Our prayers are with you all. 

The Interfaith Relations & Community Partnership Team