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Leisure Tower One – art reception for the opening of the “chair” exhibit built by our refugee children.

Wednesday, June 12 6:30pm

Interfaith Ministries, 3303 Main Street 77002

The Leisure Tower Series (LTS) is envisioned as the development of a series of social sculptures based on the migratory patterns of people around the world with an inherent expectation of “seeking a better life”. These patterns have been detrimentally affected by identity politics, as is apparent in the present-day context. Subsequently, LTS is symbolic of the mental and interior resting place people seek when they make incredible decisions to migrate from their homes and assume another “home”. Each letter of the word “LEISURE” will be created with contrasting acrylic beads (24mm) as panels, on the elongated backs of 7 life-size wooden rocking chairs


Watch the video: