Our hearts and souls are troubled and saddened in the death of George Floyd. To his name, though, we know we could add many more, recognizing that the trouble we feel in our hearts: the anger, the grief, the loss, the rage, is not only for the death of a child of Houston, but we are also troubled, emboldened, and stirred as we wrestle and struggle for a more just society, a society that must come to terms with historic inequalities, and then must do something about them.

We express our condolences to the family of Mr. Floyd, and to our brothers and sisters in the African American community.  We pray for substantive change for African Americans. We pray for actions that will be constructive and relevant. We pray we can change policies, but we pray even more that we can change hearts and minds, that we do not turn a blind eye to suffering, that we truly see one another as the beloved people that we all are.