Animal lovers know that having a pet can brighten your life. This is particularly true for Karen and her dog Sunshine, who has been a ray of happiness in her life for more than 10 years. Karen’s husband of over 40 years recently passed away. To Karen, Sunshine is more than just a pet—she’s Karen’s family.

Karen lives on a fixed income and she often struggled to feed both herself and Sunshine. She looks back on those difficult times, saying, “I was so sad those times I couldn’t afford food for her, because she’s my family. It broke my heart to see her hungry and hear her whimper. I shared what I could.” It is because of seniors like Karen who are willing to sacrifice a portion of their limited food to feed their pets that we were inspired to start the aniMeals on Wheels program to feed the furry friends our seniors love so much.

Through receiving Meals on Wheels, Karen now has the peace of mind of knowing where her next meal—and Sunshine’s—will come from. For Karen, “Meals in Wheels is a blessing for me and Sunshine. If it wasn’t for the nice drivers taking the time to deliver our food, or the kind person who helps by donating, I don’t know where we would get my next meals from.” To make sure that Sunshine also gets the healthy meals she deserves, aniMeals on Wheels delivers 10 pounds of dog food to Karen each month!

Now Karen receives the support she needs to continue living in her home with the companionship of Sunshine. Thanks to supporters and volunteers of the aniMeals on Wheels program, pets like Sunshine continue to provide the love and companionship that our seniors—and their pets—need to live happy and independent lives.

You can help seniors like Karen and pets like Sunshine by donating to aniMeals on Wheels today!