Contact your local Member of Congress

The Greater Houston area is so vast that it comprises several congressional districts. To find out who your congressman or woman is, search your address at . Use your Member of Congress’ website to find their contact information.

-Call your Member of Congress. E-mail them. Send letters in the mail. Every minute a congressional staffer is dealing with your comments or complaints is time well spent. Express your disapproval of President Trump’s policies and rhetoric concerning refugees, including the temporary halt on accepting refugees from all nationalities, the banning of Syrian refugees and refugees of Muslim origin, and the vast reduction in size of the United States’ refugee intake. Ask your Member of Congress what they plan to do to fight racism and xenophobia in light of these policies. Ask how they are taking a stand against the ban on Syrian refugees and Muslim refugees. This guide  provides a valuable explanation of how and why to contact your Members of Congress.

-Sign up for the e-mail list for your Member of Congress to find out when their next town hall meeting is. Gather a group to attend the meeting, and raise your questions and concerns. Members of Congress are by their nature always concerned with re-election. Unhappy constituents who feel that their MoCs are not listening to them pose a threat to this re-election, and thus are able to garner much attention.

Utilize Social Media

From Houston Immigration Legal Services Collaborative: Create a #SolidaritySelfie

  • 1)      Write a short note on a piece of paper – something like “Refugees Welcome,” “Here to Stay” or “I stand with immigrants”
  • 2)      Take a picture of yourself with the paper
  • 3)      Tweet the photo of yourself, along with a note, at @POTUS. Make sure to include the hashtag #SolidaritySelfie!

These can also be tweeted to your Members of Congress and Senators.

Be on the lookout for ways to participate

Larger marches and rallies often receive media coverage and are spread on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram before they are set to occur.  Demonstrations protesting the ban have already occurred downtown and at Bush IAH airport, and it is likely that more are in the works. Share your photos and videos from these events to raise awareness and demonstrate your solidarity.