Volunteer Houston works with nearly 1,200 community partners annually to engage volunteers in meaningful projects to meet important community needs.

Our 100,000+ volunteers serve the Greater Houston Community in a variety of ways such as, distributing food to families in need, assisting senior citizens with everyday chores, providing attention and care at pet shelters, tutoring teens on math and science, beautifying the city to make it more environmentally friendly, lending a helping hand to those impacted by natural disaster, and so much more.

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“MECA has been fortunate to work with many volunteer teams over the years, however it is Volunteer Houston that has set the bar extremely high with their organizing, coordination and leadership of connecting companies with MECA to assist in our Hurricane Harvey restoration efforts.

Much of the damages caused by Harvey are too severe for any one group to tackle, however Volunteer Houston has been steadfast in their commitment to ensure MECA gets the help we need, hour by hour and group by group, so that the complete restoration needs don’t seem as daunting.

Thankfully, MECA has been able to continue our service to the community throughout the challenging times post-Harvey. We are able to do this in large part because of the generosity and relentlessness of Volunteer Houston, best described as a true partner, during one of our greatest times of need.”

Alice Valdez
Exec. Director/Founder