Did you know? Houston is the number one refugee resettlement city in the country. Last year alone, Interfaith Ministries’ Department of Refugee Services resettled over 1,200 refugees from war-torn countries around the globe. These new neighbors arrive with little more than the clothes on their backs and must start over to build a new life here in Houston.

With the recent refugee crisis in Europe and the Middle East, many Houston community members and supporters have reached out to us asking, “How can I help?” Here’s how you can get involved today in making a real difference in the lives of refugees in Houston.

To volunteer…

1) Go online and complete a volunteer application here. Upon completion, you will receive an email inviting you to a general IM volunteer orientation.
2) Attend volunteer orientation at IM at which specific volunteer opportunities will be introduced.
3) At orientation, you will complete your background check and fill out all other necessary paperwork.
4) After that, you will be paired with a volunteer opportunity.

Want to help today? Here are four ways you can help right away.

1) Donate furniture. Each refugee’s apartment must be fully outfitted with furniture, so anything you have to spare is a huge help! Contact Alva at 713-533-4931 for information on how to deliver furniture to IM.
2) Host a drive for household goods and appliances. Click here to learn how and find out what items are most needed.
3) Attend our For All Humanity Luncheon on November 19th benefiting our Refugee Services department. Click here to reserve your seat or table.
4) Donate to Refugee Services here to help with all refugee needs when they arrive in Houston.

Thank you for helping your new neighbors make a home in Houston!