Signora has been receiving Meals on Wheels for the last three years. At age 91, she suffers from diabetes and arthritis, and uses a walker to get around her home. “Meals on Wheels fixes my food without salt and helps me to keep a balanced diet so I don’t gain weight. This is great for me because I can maintain my health and nutrition. I’ve been very satisfied with all the meals.”

In her younger years, Signora worked in a commercial uniform company until she retired in the 1990s. She had two children, and her son Melvin, 65, currently lives with her to assist in her care. A home health provider visits on weekdays as well. “I have to take therapy to keep my joints moving, but I’m still in a lot of pain,” says Signora. Though this is difficult, she tries to keep a positive outlook. “I’m doing fine,” she insists. “I’m lucky.”

These days Signora spends much of her time napping and watching game shows on TV. “I always wake up for Jeopardy at 1:05 on Channel 11!” Signora exclaims. But her daily visit from her Meals on Wheels provider is a welcome high point. “They have so many meals to deliver, and they work so hard,” says Signora. “I don’t know what I’d do without Meals on Wheels. I’m always so glad when I hear that knock on the door.”

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