Miss Johnnie is an 85-year-old retired Nurse’s Assistant with fond memories of her 37 years of working at Houston’s Methodist Hospital. “Always use your abilities to help others,” Miss Johnnie says. “I spent my life serving others, and now God has provided those to help serve me.”

Miss Johnnie has been a weekday Meals on Wheels recipient for the last five years and tells us that the meals are a great blessing. “Without my meals, I might go hungry or be forced to do without. Meals on Wheels helps me not to be a beggar.” In terms of her favorites, Miss Johnnie comments, “I do love the chicken, dumplings, and greens! And the apple pie and peach cobbler too. Those are my favorites.”

Miss Johnnie spends her days reading the Bible and watching “The Price Is Right” on television, but notes that her eyes “aren’t very good anymore.” While she is no longer able to leave home alone, her 62-year-old son sometimes takes her to church. Because she suffers from swelling in her feet and ankles, Miss Johnnie frequently uses a walker or a cane, which limits her mobility. She credits her Meals on Wheels driver with patience, saying, “It sometimes takes me a very long time to make it to the door. But my driver always waits on me to get there. I appreciate that.”

“Meals on Wheels is a great thing,” says Miss Johnnie. “I’m thankful for my meals, and for the folks who bring them.”

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