A small television and a couch sit in the living room of Emad and Manal’s new apartment. It isn’t much, but it is a far cry from the tent their large family shared in a Jordan refugee camp while fleeing their native country of Syria. When a civil war broke out in Syria, Emad knew his home was not safe for his children. He took his wife and children and crossed the Jordanian border, catching buses as far as they could, and then walking two hours at night with the help of a guide.

They are just eight of over 6 million displaced Syrians around the world. One of every five displaced persons in the world is Syrian, with over half of the country’s population fleeing the war-torn land since 2011. Once they arrived in Jordan, they were placed in a refugee camp. While in Jordan, the couple welcomed the arrival of their youngest child, Sultan, now one.

Four years later, they arrived in the United States where they started a new life thanks to the services provided by IM’s Refugee Services department. Within 10 days of their arrival, their oldest children, Bayan, Aya, Ayman, and Ibrahim had been enrolled in school, and Emad is hoping to find a job soon. “What we have seen of America is wonderful,” Emad says. Because of your extended kindness and generosity, Emad, Manal and their family will enjoy a fulfilling life in their new home.

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