Abdul, his wife Marweza, and 2 ½ year old son Mohammad arrived in Houston six months ago. In Afghanistan, Abdul was an electrical engineer and enjoyed his job. He had many benefits as an engineer working with US military personnel. While he loves his home country, he and his family fled due to safety concerns. On his way to and from work—a short 15 minute drive—he saw bomb blasts every day. His family was constantly worried about their safety.

A determined and intelligent man, Abdul works hard to get accustomed to life in Houston. He explains that it is difficult to adapt to new clothing, a different language, and starting his career from scratch. Abdul keeps a positive outlook, however. Shortly after receiving a bicycle from Interfaith Ministries (IM), it was stolen. Instead of getting upset, he said it provided him with more motivation to save money and buy a car.

As an electrical engineer in Afghanistan, he was able to provide a good life for Marweza and Mohammad. Although his credentials did not transfer to the US, in just a week he completed all the requirements to become a master electrician. After 2 months of taking the bus, biking, and walking across Houston, he found a job and a university to enroll in! He is taking classes to get a degree in electrical engineering. Abdul works 7 days a week to support his family. “I make daily to-do lists to meet my goals!” Abdul smiles.

His favorite part of living in Houston, apart from friendly people (“People say hello just crossing the street!”), is the peace. “No matter the time of day, you don’t have to worry,” he says. In Afghanistan, there has been conflict the entire time Abdul has been alive. In Houston, his family does not have to worry about nightly curfews.

Abdul is thankful to IM staff and volunteers who are helping his family adjust to life in Houston. “IM helped find us a good place to live and had food for us when we arrived,” he says. His goal in moving to the United States was for his family to be safe. During the week, Marweza studies English and cares for their son. Now that they can enjoy peace, Abdul would like for his son to get a master’s degree, or even a PhD.

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