Thank you to the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund and all those who have supported our relief efforts!

IM is an ongoing leader in service as Houston recovers from Hurricane Harvey. Thanks to our deep ties in the Houston community and deep commitments to the seniors and refugee families we serve, IM is going above and beyond to be there for those who need us, even when that means we need to call in the Army National Guard to get Meals on Wheels out to our elderly neighbors! Learn more about this incredible partnership in the video above.

Because the lives of the people we serve are already often difficult, the road to recovery is slow, but IM is working hard to meet the need.

Thanks to a gift in Round 1 of funding, we are able to provide home repairs for 25-30 Meals on Wheels seniors who sustained damage to their homes from Harvey.

In Round 2 of funding, a second gift has enabled us to provide emergency rent/transportation assistance for 100 refugees who lost wages due to Harvey, provide supplemental breakfasts to Meals on Wheels seniors who are experiencing food insecurity due to the storm, and to set up an employee assistance fund for IM staff who have unmet needs after the hurricane.

In addition to the dramatic meal delivery and some rescues with the National Guard, immediately after the rains stopped our staff and volunteers begin making safety calls to our most vulnerable seniors and refugees. Emergency food and supplies were dispersed.  To help replenish food stores and save resources, all 4,200 seniors received breakfast and lunch delivered for weeks after the storm and aniMeals pets got extra pet food too! Hundreds of walkers and wheelchairs were donated for the seniors, and refugee received strollers, bikes, dozens of boxes of clothes and 150 backpacks stuffed with school supplies.

One of our greatest opportunities to lead and serve was at the GRB Convention Center Shelter. As IM begins to formally adopt leadership of Volunteer Houston, our staff organized 10,000+ volunteers at the shelter including mobilizing spiritual leaders from multiple faith traditions to comfort those who had evacuated.

Continuing our leadership beyond the shelter, IM’s Volunteer Houston set up a Volunteer Reception Center at a local community center where volunteers from all over the city can convene and connect with organizations in need of volunteers.  In conjunction with the City of Houston, IM has also helped organize apartment complex site visits to ensure that living conditions are safe for everyone. And we helped train and support religious leaders as trauma responders.

It’s no accident that IM has been able to help so many people in need immediately after the storm and to continue helping in new ways as the recovery efforts evolve. It’s the result of decades of building partnerships, an incredible network of volunteers and a passion to serve our elderly neighbors and our newest refugee families as they learn what a giving and wonderful place Houston can be!

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