Until he received death threats from the country’s opposition forces, Mohammed was a lawyer who served as the legal advisor to the coalition forces during Operation Enduring Freedom. He enjoyed working with those in his office, located in an Afghani courthouse, lived amongst coalition forces in his neighborhood and lovingly provided for his family.


 Now, Mohammed must start over in a new country, with little resources to care for his wife Medena, and their five children— ranging in age from 2 to 8 years old.

Because of heavy fighting and threats, the family was forced to flee their home in Jalalabad, Afghanistan more than a year ago, arriving in Houston in July. They moved to Jordan along the journey to Houston, and a year later, came to America.

Since arriving in America, education has been the family’s main focus. Fluent in English, Mohammed plans to enroll in classes after finding a job. Eventually, he’d like to pursue an American law degree so he can continue his passion of helping others with their legal needs. His wife Medena does not speak English but hopes to learn soon through classes taught by volunteers at Interfaith Ministries.

TEXTBLOCK2 Their three eldest children, Shabana, 9, Qahar, 7, and Parwana 6, are school age and Mohammed looks forward to enrolling them in school and helping them learn English.

Although American school is a new journey for all of them, Mohammed credits Interfaith Ministries for helping make the dream of an education a reality.