»»»Meet Matt Kahn: Helping Houston through Interfaith Relations

Meet Matt Kahn: Helping Houston through Interfaith Relations

Matt Kahn has been a part of the Interfaith Ministries’ family for a few weeks now in his role as the Associate Director of Interfaith Relations. We’re glad to have someone with such a commitment to service and a fun personal connection to IM on board to help further our mission and continue interfaith dialogue in Houston. Let’s all welcome Matt!

I am thrilled to have started my new job here at Interfaith Ministries as the Associate Director of Interfaith Relations. I have known about this organization my entire life. My grandfather (of blessed memory) was a local rabbi who strongly believed in building strong interfaith relationships and made it part of his life’s work. He, along with other members of the Jewish community, joined with other faith groups to create the Houston Metropolitan Ministries in the late 60s, which is now what we know as Interfaith Ministries. My wife, Samantha, is a rabbi at Congregation Emanu El and her role as clergy has also given me great insight into what it’s like to be a leader in the faith community here in Houston.

Matt’s grandfather was a Houston faith leader in the Jewish community 

My family emphasizes the value of helping others, cooperation and mutual respect, which have guided me throughout my life. My desire to build our community and make a personal impact on people motivated me to choose a non-profit career. Over the years, I have found my career in service to be very fulfilling and much more gratifying than my previous work in the corporate world.

The Interfaith Relations department’s emphasis on dialogue and service are closely aligned with my own personal beliefs. I have always believed in keeping an open mind, not prejudging others and fostering a sense of collaboration and mutual understanding. I am an advocate for people giving back to their communities and helping to make our world a better place.

Matt and his family

Working at Interfaith Ministries allows me to go home at the end of each day feeling good about what we do. It is refreshing to work with advocates and leaders in the community and with my colleagues at IM who share my values. As I learn more about this great organization and our commitment to the community, I am happy to be in a place that has such a positive impact.

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