Eunice and her husband Matthew look forward to Sundays because they get to listen to gospel music on the radio. Matthew has dementia, but still remembers the words to the songs he sang while he was in the church choir. Neither Eunice nor Matthew can get around very well. Eunice suffered a stroke a few years ago and has been in a wheelchair ever since. She keeps a small radio on the table next to where she sits.

Eunice loves to read—education is a passion of hers. She taught Life Science to Vanguard students in HISD for many years. She retired in 2004 and took it easy for a while before deciding to go back to teaching, this time at a Harris County juvenile detention center. She had to leave teaching for good in 2009, after her stroke.

Eunice and Matthew have lived in their home for so long they can’t remember just when they moved in. A native Houstonian, Eunice is grateful that she can stay in her own home rather than move in to assisted living. She says that getting Meals on Wheels every day helps a lot – the meals are much more nutritious than anything she and Matthew would be able to get for themselves. Before Meals on Wheels, Eunice says she would go hungry sometimes—but she tries not to complain. She is glad that the driver who delivers their meals, Geoff, checks in on them every day.

Everyone loves a happy ending, particularly Eunice! Her favorite movie is Pretty Woman, and she loves it when it’s rerun on television. “I like success stories. I don’t like sad endings because it makes me sad. I always want something where the people are happy and uplifted,” Eunice says. Meals on Wheels uplifts her, from the healthy food they receive that keeps them from worrying, to the friendly chat they have with Geoff every day. To those who help make sure she and Matthew get Meals on Wheels, Eunice says “God bless you and thank you and be careful!”

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