Meals on Wheels volunteer Jessie McComas “inherited” her route in Katy from a friend who moved out of state. The seniors on the route were so precious that her friend wanted to hand-select the person who would take over. McComas was first on the list and asked to tag along during a morning delivery.

McComas was instantly sold on the idea and has been delivering to the same seniors for five years. In fact, many are now her good friends. Not only does she deliver meals, she also brings books and other items she knows the seniors will enjoy. And, in return, she gets hugs, letters of appreciation and a kind of joy that only comes from selfless giving.

For some seniors, McComas is the only person they talk to on any given day, and she always asks about their wellbeing – ready to help with any need that might arise. Called an “unsung hero” by KIAH Ch. 39, McComas was featured on the station’s “Day in the Life” series on Feb. 6. You can watch her story here: