Interfaith Relations and Community Partnerships Interfaith Relations and Community Partnerships

Interfaith Relations and Community Partnerships (IRCP) works to build respect, understanding and service among people of different faiths, and those of no particular faith, as well as efforts to bring other nonprofits together in collaboration and service. By embracing a philosophy to “Respect thy Neighbor” we can build a stronger Houston.

IRCP contributes to this mission by:

Connecting. We seek to be Houston’s “Interfaith Hub,” connecting faith communities and interfaith groups throughout Greater Houston for seminars, service and collaborations.

Engaging. IRCP is about outreach and communication, not only with established relationships but also those seeking new relationships. We attend a myriad of gatherings that engage the faith community and the community at large.

Educating.  Acts of intolerance are often based in fear, and fear is based in ignorance. Dispelling myths and providing accurate information about different religions makes a difference in the community. Our long-standing Dinner Dialogues are a key public program. We also provide speakers from different faith traditions and provide our own expertise when needed. We support senior caregiving efforts as well.

Mobilizing. Relationships and knowledge can lead to an effective response, and so we often convene groups looking to promote understanding and good. IM’s Great Hall is a perfect venue for dialogue, education and response, especially in addressing our region’s toughest challenges.