WHAT is the Circle?

The Interfaith Circle is a network of allied communities of faith that offer support in the work of Interfaith Relations and Community Partnerships (IRCP) at Interfaith Ministries for Greater Houston.

The Interfaith Circle is a tangible statement of support. In these challenging times, we show the Greater Houston community that there is a web of communities that sees our differences as a source of strength, our similarities a source of unity, and that the forces of ignorance and fear can be resisted when faith communities work together.

The Interfaith Circle is a resource for connecting unlike any other. Engage with other faith communities who have joined the circle and explore working together.

WHO joins the Circle?

Faith communities, similar organizations, and individuals who want to visibly and tangibly support the work of IRCP  by supporting our programs, attending our events, volunteering, being our presence in the community and spreading the word about the value our interfaith understanding. Click here to meet the members of our Interfaith Circle.

WHY join the Circle?

Building respect and understanding among people of different religions, or no religion, isn’t a luxury any more. It’s a necessity. Interfaith Ministries  IRCP Department  is uniquely situated to play a key role in making the Greater Houston area a better educated, understanding and respectful region. As the most diverse city in the nation, we can be a model for inclusion for the rest of the country.

Joining the Interfaith Circle lets IM and its network know that your faith community wants to be involved. We know to contact you first when there is a need to serve, when there is a need to gather to dialogue across religious traditions, and when there is need to respond to emergency situations and those that could lead to greater fear and intolerance.

Please demonstrate that you are committed to building understanding and respect across religious traditions.

Please support our work in being the “go-to” resource for connecting faith communities, providing accurate information, and high-quality speakers.

Join the Interfaith Circle

Benefits to You

By joining the Circle, you agree:

  • To be listed on Interfaith Ministries for Greater Houston’s (IM) website as a member of the Interfaith Circle.
  • To be bridge-builders by building respect and understanding across religious traditions.
  • To support the work of the Interfaith Relations and Community Partnerships Department by attending events and informing other people about our programs.
  • Be a resource when we seek support to respond to community emergencies.
  • Tell you what special gifts, resources, and talents with which we are willing to engage in this work

Financial Support of Interfaith Relations

Your yearly contribution ($250.00 for HOWs and $500.00 for Judicatories) will help support IR, in 2017-2018, achieve a great set of programs and projects:

  • Dinner Dialogues that bring people of various backgrounds together for learning
  • Support our interfaith youth engagement initiatives such as a Day of Service
  • Faith Leader Gatherings and Trainings
  • Lecture Series
  • Our ongoing projects providing resources to the Houston community, including:
    • Speakers’ Bureau
    • House of Worship Visits
    • Trainings, panels, expert information for faith communities, non-profits, and businesses regarding religious literacy
    • Resources to help faith communities prepare for disasters.

Contact Greg Han at 713-533-4904 with questions

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