Each summer, Interfaith Ministries for Greater Houston (IM) takes on the vitality of a college campus with the arrival of our university interns.

The interns come to learn more about the valuable work IM provides for the community, while helping with tasks as far ranging as soliciting  for donations for our gala auction to registering volunteers for storm meal delivery during Operation IMpact.

From them we learn the latest trends in music and fashion, and they remind us what it’s like to have the boundless energy needed to accomplish the many tasks at hand.

Thanks to one valuable partner, Bank of America, we were blessed this summer to have help from two interns enrolled in Bank of America’s Summer Youth Employment Internship Program. This year, the Summer Youth Employment Internship Program provided 60 Houston youth with summer internships.

Lois Johnson and Emily Lim worked in our Meals on Wheels for Greater Houston office entering important data in our tracking system, calling seniors and organizing files. They were on the front lines, seeing firsthand what it takes to feed 4,000 homebound seniors each day.

“After working here for about seven weeks, I can personally say that seeing all the effort everyone puts in to do this truly inspires me to do the same thing,” Emily, a high school student, said. “Whether it is assembling of breakfast bags, the emails that have to be answered, or the delivery or meals, the mission is always in motion.

Since I have never worked in an environment that was similar to Interfaith Ministries, it was a wonderful experience to see the various actions that took place during their work.”

Lois said IM’s impact on people was important, not only because of the meals they serve but also the help and care they provide to homebound seniors.

“I have learned way more than I actually thought I would,” she said, noting the internship helped improve her communications skills and instilled in her a greater appreciation for giving to others.

Both said they plan to use the tools they gained when they move on into the work world.

Emily and Lois have finished their internships and are returning to their studies. As with all of our interns we hope they learned as much from us, as we did from them.

It’s always a little sad to see them go, but their time with IM gives all of us hope for the future.

Maria Magee

Chief Development Officer