Photo credit: Shannon Lafferty

Do you have a favorite grandparent story?  In honor of March for Meals, we’re sharing our personal favorites with you!

When I was a kid, my grandmother had a farm stand to sell produce by the side of the road. The farmers would bring their oranges and grapefruit and I’d sit on the conveyor belt and “help” her ring up the groceries. Of course my version of “helping” simply consisted of me taking all the stickers off of the fruit and sticking them to my shirt!

-Jackie Armstrong, Development Officer

When I was little, my grandparents would pick me up from school every Friday and take me to their house for a sleepover. And every week when we’d get there, Grandpa would make me a “treat” – a Blue Bell ice cream sundae with all the fixings!

-Lily Young, Development Associate

My grandmother and I loved to talk about food. What we’re cooking lately, what ingredients we’re using…we could have a two hour conversation about nothing but cooking. When I was little, I used to stand in the kitchen and pretend I was the star of a cooking show while I’d describe what I was preparing; usually a recipe she and I had found together. She would sit at the kitchen table and laugh at my “on air” personality.

She passed away recently, but on my last good day with her I brought a Ree Drummond cookbook to show her. We spent hours poring over every picture in that book, talking about all the food. That was my last good memory of her before she passed.

-Teresa Albright, Research and Development Associate

My grandpa owned a candy store and café in the yard at his farm. People would drive in from all over to eat or buy snacks – sodas and chips and pickles. But we were lucky. When we showed up, we got to run in and get whatever we wanted…for free! I’d always get the Moon Cookies.

-Princella Lauderdale, Database Coordinator

My Grandma Francel dedicated her life to the care of her son, my uncle, who had Down syndrome. Before she died, she passed down what is now my most prized possession – a baptismal gown that has been worn by 25 people in my family, including myself and my children. It was originally handmade for her by her great aunt, so it has passed through the hands of seven generations of my family. It is very special to me.

My Grandma Mary, or “Grandmary,” sews beautifully.  Growing up, I would spend my summer vacation with her, shopping for school clothes.  When I would see something I liked, she would always say “Don’t spend your money on that!  I can make that!”  She would get busy sewing in the evenings after my bedtime, and many mornings I would wake up to a new outfit!  It always seemed like magic.

-Sarah Hart, Communications Assistant

This is a photo of my grandfather, Abuelito Ramiro, and my mother. My fondest memories of Abuelito are from our summer road trips to his hometown and ranch in Nuevo Leon, Mexico. When we were there, we would spend our days surrounded by cattle and beautiful rolling hills, eating homemade Mexican food and ripe oranges right off the trees in his small orange grove. At sunset we would sit outside in rocking chairs and tell ghost stories until bedtime.

-Carol Mendoza, Volunteer Coordinator

We used to visit with my grandmother every Saturday afternoon. She would make lunch for my sister and me and we would sit and talk with her. I loved spending quality time with her. She’d tell us about growing up with her six siblings in the early 1900s or tell us about my dad when he was little. My grandmother has passed away, but I will always have fond memories of spending time at her house, chatting with her and eating sandwiches on challah bread.

-Andrea Fineman, Communications Manager

My grandmother was passionate about reading and passed that love along to me. My earliest memory of her was curling up on her lap while she read Dr. Seuss and Peter Rabbit to me. It wasn’t long before I was reading on my own and she was encouraging me to read more and more books. We had many conversations about books – both about what I was reading and about books that she read when she was a child. My grandmother was always encouraging me to improve and grow. She believed that I was capable of great things and because of her love and support so do I.

-Robyn Patschke, Assistant Director of Development

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