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Karoline Mueller, Ph.D. & Nan Hildreth of the Climate Action Team at First Unitarian Universalist Church in Houston

A year ago, our ministers directed church staff to change the Sunday lunch menu to plant-based food. What inspired them to act?   For a year, our church’s Climate Action Team has hosted monthly plant-based potlucks.   The potlucks turn out five times as many participants as the monthly lectures that we used to hold. That’s inspiration!

Eating plant-based for our climate will help as much as solar, reports Project Drawdown.  Plus, health experts are encouraging us all to eat more plant-based foods.  Eating more plant-based foods makes it easy for everyone to help the planet and their own health. Nan Hildreth, leader of the Climate Action Team at First Unitarian Universalist Church, and team member Karoline Mueller, Ph.D., will tell the story of their church’s journey toward plant-based eating, but they’d also like to hear from the audience about their experiences at their faith communities.

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