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Creation Care 101
2nd Thursdays, September – April, 6 p.m., online

Interested to connect your Christian faith to care for the earth?  Want to learn how your church can live the faith through caring for creation?  Or, want to improve your own stewardship?  Join a free online course, Creation Care 101, and begin a journey of restoring faith, justice, and creation.  Each session will feature talks from leading theologians and scientists, inspiring stories from churches, facilitated heart-led conversation, and tools for practical implementation. Details on content/schedule are given below.  All classes will be recorded, so don’t worry if you can’t make every class.

Register at: https://creationcarecollective.org/event/creation-justice-101-fall-program/.
Lisa Brenskelle will act as a facilitator for the Lutherans Restoring Creation group, providing additional resources and insights from her decades of earthkeeping ministry. To join her group & get the additional resources, please indicate “Lutherans Restoring Creation” as your church/group when you register.

Note that all Christians are welcome to join the Lutherans Restoring Creation group, not just Lutherans.

Contact Lisa at gcs.lrc@gmail.com for more information.

  • Sept 8: Intro: Faith, Science & Creation Care              Oct 13: Eating: Theology of Food
  • Nov 10: Hosting: Honorable Gatherings                     Dec 8: Purchasing: Living Simply & Justly
  • Jan 12: Regenerating: Soil, Compost, Waste                Feb 9: Reframing: Water & Energy
  • Mar 9: Planting: Gardens & Spaces                              Apr 13: Planning: Pulling it Together