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Awakening the Spirit – St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church


The Interfaith Environmental Network of Houston invites you to explore spirituality in nature with those of other faiths, using the documentary The National Parks  America’s Best Idea, as a source of inspiration. Since their inception, the national parks have provided places for play, for rest and for sanctuary. They are places that inspire us with their grandeur and at the same time draw us into an intimate relationship with the natural world.  National parks give us time to pause, to reflect, to get outside of ourselves and yet also provide space to go deeply within ourselves. In these sacred spaces, we experience nature and the Divine alike. National parks also afford us the time and space to consider our relationship with nature and how our individual and collective actions have a decided impact on these complex, wondrous ecosystems that we are sharing.  Please join us in considering nature & spirituality thru the lens of the national parks at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, 5308 Buffalo Speedway!

Please register for planning purposes. For more information about this interfaith environmental study, please contact Lisa Brenskelle at gcs.lrc@gmail.com.