he holiday of Eid, in the tradition of Islam, is a celebration and a sacrifice. During this holiday, which falls at the end of the holy fast of Ramadan, practicing Muslims are encouraged to remember Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice by sharing a meal with family, neighbors, and those in need.
This June, Interfaith Ministries for Greater Houston will sponsor the second annual interfaith Eid for Refugees. Because many of our refugee families are from Muslim countries, Eid is an important celebration to them. Many have fled these home countries because of religious or political persecution.


Now that they are here, let’s join together to welcome them and celebrate this special holiday.

Here’s how you can help…
1. Sign up to sponsor a refugee family for Eid
2. Donate to provide for refugees’ essential needs
3. Fundraise for refugees by asking your friends to donate
Once you’re signed up to sponsor a refugee family for Eid, you can attend IM’s Eid Workday Event on June 20th, during which we will assemble gifts for our refugee families. Then, sponsor families will visit newly-arrived refugee families at their homes for gift delivery. This is a perfect way to welcome and “bring Eid” to our newest Houston neighbors.
Can’t volunteer? There are still ways you can help! Donate money to our cause here, or fundraise for refugees here. You can fundraise through the personal page that you will create in the “Participant Center.” From this page you can email friends and family to spread awareness and promote the cause of welcoming refugees to Houston! Our goal is to raise $10,000 for refugee families during Eid, since many arrive here with little more than the clothes on their backs. Your donation will provide essential items like school supplies, kitchen shelf staples, and rent for our newly-arrived refugees. Of interest to our Muslim friends is zakat designation for this fundraising event. Simply click “Yes, this donation is to be used for zakat purposes” on the donation form to specify this type of donation. Every gift, big or small, makes a difference!
Think of the impact you will have on the lives of refugees during Eid! Click here to learn more and register for IM’s Eid for Refugees.