Meals & More Capital Campaign

1386,000 out of 4,000,000

We have a unique opportunity to acquire and renovate property next to our current W.T. and Louise J. Moran Building that provides much-needed storage, office, and training space. This would allow us to reconfigure the existing Moran Building housing Meals on Wheels to maximize meal preparation space, increasing our capacity to add more seniors to the program and to better serve existing clients with supplemental services. The cost of the building is $1.3 million; we have raised $886,000 and were able to make a substantial down payment on the property. We are raising funds to pay off the note, renovate the building for use, and establish a growth and maintenance fund for the long-term sustainability of the IM campus.

Once the new property is renovated for use, we expect to add 500 seniors in the first full year, with long-term growth year by year. This would be a total of 125,000 more lunches  delivered in the first year alone. The campus reconfiguration, resulting in more volunteer space and storage, would also allow us to increase the number of seniors who receive breakfast in addition to lunch. Currently, about 1,100 of our frailest and most isolated seniors receive breakfast. With the new building, we could serve an additional 500 seniors with breakfasts in the first year alone, resulting in 182,000 more breakfasts served.

The added Meals on Wheels storage would also allow us to add more variety to our lunch menu, to better serve seniors with special needs- such as diabetics. It would allow us to store more emergency, non-perishable food to be used in the event of a hurricane, winter weather, etc. It will include larger freezer space, allowing us to store more frozen weekend meals. More frozen meals allow us to move seniors off the wait list sooner, if a hot meal route is not immediately available to them.

One of MOW’s programs, Hospital to Home, delivers meals on a short-term basis to recently discharged hospital patients. The daily meals, accompanied by a wellness check, decrease costly hospital re-admissions. We are proud to partner with Houston Methodist, Memorial Hermann and Harris Health in this endeavor. The new property will allow us to achieve better efficiency and capacity in this program to better serve these patients, and to carry a better variety of meals to meet their unique medical needs. Hospital to Home not only serves a vulnerable population, but expands the vision of MOW and develops the partnerships of the future. We are especially grateful to the lead sponsor of Hospital to Home, the Robert L. Cook Charitable Fund.

The new property will include the dedicated Linda and Fred Marshall Volunteer Center, allowing us to recruit and train more volunteers.

A new Maternal Women’s Health program, with this new space, will be able to reach at-risk mothers. These young women will receive up to three meals per day once the program is fully operational. The new property will enable IM to store, assemble and distribute even more maternal meals in the future -a task that would be impossible within our current limited space. The potential for this project could rise to as many as 25,000 mothers if just one community insurer were included.

Naming Opportunities

Naming opportunities are available throughout the IM campus and can be pledged over 1-3 years:

Campus Donor Recognition Options

Interfaith Ministries Campus $3,000,000
New Building (3215 Fannin)    
Building Naming Rights $1,000,000
Warehouse $250,000
Food Storage $250,000  
Parking Facility $100,000  
Elevator $75,000  
2nd floor office (4 available – priced per office) $25,000  
At the Brigitte & Bashar Kalai Plaza of Respect             
Pillar of Light honoring Reverend William Lawson $250,000
Pillar of Light honoring Rabbi Samuel Karff $250,000
Interactive Interfaith Display/Mobile App $250,000
Donor Plaques $1,000 and up
In the Albert & Ethel Herzstein Building (3303 Main)    
Development Suite $100,000
Finance Suite $100,000
Refugee Services Suite $100,000
President & CEO Office $50,000
Communications Director Office $25,000
Development Offices (2 available) $25,000
Executive Assistant Office $25,000
Executive Conference Room $25,000
Facility Director’s Office $25,000
Mother’s Room $25,000
Refugee Services Office $25,000
Volunteer Houston Director’s Office $25,000
WT & Louise J Moran Meals on Wheels Distribution Center (3202 San Jacinto)    
Meals on Wheels Distribution Area (1st floor) $500,000
First Floor Storage Room (2 available) $75,000
Client Services Office $25,000
Client Data Office $25,000
Volunteer Manager Office $25,000
Care Center (Assessors’ Area) $25,000


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Maria Magee, Chief Development Officer
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