General Contact Information

Interfaith Ministries for Greater Houston
3303 Main St. Houston, TX 77002
General Phone: 713-533-4900 | Fax: 713-520-4663


Quick Contacts for Meals on Wheels

To enroll in Meals on Wheels: 713-533-4978
Questions about your Meals on Wheels service: 713-533-4937
General Meals on Wheels questions: 713-533-4954

Quick Contacts for Refugee Services

To hire a refugee or learn about employment services: 713-533-4997
To donate furniture or household items: 713-533-4931

Parking Information

Covered Visitor Parking: Available in ground level parking garage. The entrance is on Francis Street between Main Street and Fannin Street.

Additional Parking: Open lots available on Francis Street and Stuart Street.


Martin Cominsky - President & CEO
Crystal Sykes - Chief People Officer
Tracy Davis - Facilities & Technology Manager
Margaret Kiromo - Office & Translation Specialist
Sharla Stuart - Executive Assistant
Hannah Weier - Volunteer Services Manager
Heather Mann - Volunteer Coordinator for aniMeals
Bethany Boucher - Volunteer Coordinator
Ashley Dorsett - aniMeals on Wheels Volunteer Coordinator
Robyn Patschke - Assistant Director of Development
Lily Young - Annual Fund and Events Manager
Princella Lauderdale - Database Coordinator
Sam Hashemi - Multimedia & Communications Specialist
Raequel Roberts - Director of Communications
Maria Magee - Chief Development Officer
Lauren Peterson - Community Relations Coordinator
Ashley Boone - Research & Development Associate
Brandi Ledet - Special Events Coordinator
Carol Flores - Manager, Interfaith Relations Programs & Partnerships
Alison Smith - Administrative Assistant
Gregory Han - Director of Interfaith Relations
Matt Kahn - Associate Director
Erika Diaz - Cuban Haitian Program
Nar Baraili - Resettlement Case Worker
Amjid Witwit - Resettlement Case Worker
Elena Korbut - Community Engagement Coordinator
Carlos Santos-Nash - Medical and Case Management Coordinator
Salemu Alimasi - Resettlement Case Worker
Ali Al Sudani - Director of Refugee Services
Aleksandra Huskic - Deputy Director
Ali Al Saegh - Operations Assistant
Nguyen Farinos Garcia - Resettlement Caseworker
Yunis Gabow - Job Developer
Victoria Gallegos - Logistics Coordinator
Geleta Mekonnen - Assistant Director for Client Care and Outreach - Reception and Placement Program
Alva Escobar - Refugee Cash Assistance Program
Agustin Socorro-Fu - Cuban Haitian Coordinator
Yousif Al Janabi - Employment Coordinator
Jose Carmona - Cuban Vocational Coordinator
Melissa Toups - Quality Assurance Specialist
Ahmed Mahmood - Medical and Case Management Case Worker
Barzan Khalid - Resettlement Case Worker
Romy Nunes - Case Management and Case Worker
Alma Zuniga - RCA & MG Assistant
Omar Al Sammarraie - Operations Aid
Qusay Al Kaabi - Logistics Assistant
Myrna Moctezuma - Refugee Services Program Specialist
Oday Al Kaabi - Resettlement Case Worker
Henry Hammond - Meals on Wheels Operations Manager
Claire Orellana - Customer Service for Meals on Wheels
Irene Samples - Meals on Wheels Receptionist
Warren Wenner - Director of Meals on Wheels
Elizabeth Schibley - Manager of Meals on Wheels Administration
Tabinda Ghani - Manager of Client Services
Rosa Reyes - Meals on Wheels Intake
Denise Avalos - Customer Service & Intake Specialist
Jennifer Leone - Chief Financial Officer
Monica Obregon - Payroll & Accounting Manager
Karen Reichert - Accounts Payable Accountant

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