Nothing refreshes my energy for the work we do at Interfaith Ministries for Greater Houston (IM) like a visit with our clients, be that a homebound senior, a recent refugee, or one of the participants in our interfaith gatherings.
Recently, I had the rare treat of visiting with one of the 14 seniors over the age of 100 who are clients of our Meals on Wheels (MOW) program.
Elevena was nothing short of a spitfire, dolling out wisdom and wisecracks as she shared her life story.
“Baby, I ain’t got no secret to livin to 100,” she told her guests. “I worked hard, I ate what I wanted. I’m gonna live 50 more years if I can help it! Ain’t no big deal as long as I’m in God’s hands.” 

Elevena, like many of her generation, did work hard, very hard, to make a living. “It was real hard times,” as she bluntly put it. A housekeeper, she earned a reputation as “the best maid they ever saw” and told me some of her former clients were coming to her 100th birthday party.
Elevena is proud that she can still walk, but cooking is difficult because of her health, so she depends on her meal delivery and her MOW driver Brenda.
“I pray every day for the people who work for Meals on Wheels. My driver is real patient with me. I am slow to come to the door and she helps me by opening the door and waiting for me. She helps me carry things or move things around. I am always praying for her.”
Elevena loved the cake we brought and the bouquet of flowers, not to mention a little bit of attention she so richly deserves.
Visiting with Elevena, I can’t help but think how blessed IM is to be in the business of helping others. I am blessed to be leading this great organization.
It’s good to get out and meet our clients. For them, but perhaps more so for me.

Martin B. Cominsky
President & CEO