Partner podcast from Bishop Mike Rinehart with ELCA of the Gulf Coast Synod. He interviewed our own Rev. Greg Han about the Census 2020:

Our multimedia page is IMGH’s on-line classroom and resource center. It’s “Interfaith on the Road” and “Remote Interfaith,” an opportunity for the important work that we do here in Midtown or in person to reach out across Greater Houston.

We’re excited to distribute our Interfaith Podcast Project. Each podcast is an in-depth conversation with various members of our faith communities on a variety of topics. We hope that these personal and thoughtful dialogues will introduce and familiarize listeners with the basics of a religion, but do so in a way that makes each faith come to life, go beyond definitions and concepts, and show that faiths don’t exist in a vacuum; they come to life when people live them.

Our first IPP series is on religious holidays and holy days; look for our second series in 2019 on how different religions mark major life changes, like birth, death, “coming of age,” and marriage.

Podcasts are authored and produced by the Rev. Gregory Han, Director of Interfaith Relations. Greg is a “half-Asian, midwestern-raised, Jesuit-educated, Harvard-trained, Texas-Residing, Presbyterian Minister.” He’s passionate about religion, religion education, fostering dialogue and connections, and building a more respectful and engaging Houston.