Interfaith Relations and Community Partnerships (IRCP) facilitates dynamic interfaith learning experiences for people of all ages and a multitude of options for dialogue and service.

Join us for a a facilitated dialogue using the Scriptural Reasoning format from Cambridge University. The conversation will be facilitated by Rev. Kimberly Orr, Associate Pastor at Windsor Village United Methodist Church. Stay tuned for upcoming dates.

What are the Dinner Dialogues?

The dinner dialogues are the cornerstone of our interfaith programs.The structure of the dinners provides intimate forums to learn information about the faith traditions and practices of a wide variety of families, as well as, an opportunity for the participants to form new relationships across traditional religious boundaries. The dinner dialogues focus on conversations held in private homes where groups of 8-12 Houstonians gather to learn about the faith practices and traditions of families here in Houston and engage in interactive interfaith dialogues while sharing a vegetarian meal. The groups listen to the experiences of the host family (or community member) as he/she/they share information and perspectives about their faith traditions. There is also a time for questions and dialogue. The evening concludes with a moderated discussion where all participants share a bit about their own faith traditions.

What can I expect during the dinner dialogue?

The Annual Dinner Dialogue series creates both an educational experience and safe spaces for Houstonians to develop new friendships. Interfaith Ministries recognizes that one family or one person cannot represent an entire faith tradition in one evening. The point of the dinners is not to provide a comprehensive understanding of the faith tradition, but instead to highlight key beliefs and practices that begin an informative conversation among people of different faith traditions. Additionally, Interfaith Ministries sees the dinner dialogue series as a way to build relationships and strengthen the fabric of our city through genuine exchange of ideas and understanding with one another.

Join together in a small group of diverse individuals in a private home to break bread and discuss faith, beliefs and religious practices. Our uplifting dinners are guided by a facilitator and provide a unique opportunity for participants to learn and make new friends!

We look forward to your participation in our Annual Dinner Dialogues!

January 15, 2018 – Youth Service Day for Youth Groups [TENTATIVE]

Email Greg Han at for more info.

ILEAD switched formats last year! For the upcoming 2017-2018 program year, there is NO application process. Instead of a set ILEAD class that meets throughout the school year, the Interfaith Relations Department will offer stand-alone events geared specifically towards high school students. How will you find out about these events? Join the IR e-mailing list by clicking here or contact Greg Han at or 713-533-4904. Visit ilead for more information.

Interfaith Relations works to connect faith communites with each other as well as local and federal agencies in times of disaster. Interfaith Relations has provided Disaster Chaplaincy trainings, Faith & Disaster Conferences, workshops for houses of worship on how to respond to both natural and man-made disasters as well as a Clergy Respite Breakfast for those whose congregations were hardest hit by the 2015 Memorial Day Flood. Contact Greg Han for more information.
The Interfaith Circle is a network of allied communities of faith that offer support in the work of Interfaith Relations (IR) at Interfaith Ministries for Greater Houston.

The Interfaith Circle is a tangible statement of support. In these challenging times, we show the Greater Houston community that there is a web of communities that sees our differences as a source of strength, our similarities a source of unity, and that the forces of ignorance and fear can be resisted when faith communities work together.

The Interfaith Circle is a resource for connecting unlike any other. Engage with other faith communities who have joined the circle and explore working together.

Join the Circle or find out more here.